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Bluetooth for Days

The Marbel electronic circuit is the heart of any Marbel Board, which is why for the 2.0 we completely rebuild the system. Losing connection to the board is an issue for all electric skateboards, and was the driving force of why we picked the world’s most powerful smart Bluetooth chip on the market, the BLE121LR. With a connection range of up to 450 meters, we are confident that your connection will not be interrupted during a ride. The new circuit’s lid is now made from a fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic, allowing the Bluetooth signal from passing through uninhibited, giving you the longest range possible, and still maintaining a UL94 fire rating. 

Enhanced Motor Control

Motor control is of the utmost importance for an electric skateboard, after all it is why you buy one. To give us unrivaled motor control ability we added a separate processor just for the motor control. The increased power of this processor allows us to fully utilize field oriented control, eliminating the need for hall sensors entirely. While also giving you increased braking ability and making it the most efficient and quietest ride possible. Through the app you will be able to customize everything, including acceleration, top speed, and now even the braking force. Giving you the most customizable ride on the market.

Engineered for Reliability

Vibrations are the biggest durability issue for an electric skateboard circuit, which is why we designed the new circuit to have a lower center of gravity, thus lowering the effect of vibrations on the components. We have also decided to move from standard electrical components to components with either automotive or industrial durability ratings. A tragic but inevitable byproduct of all electric skateboards is heat buildup.  We have the ability to utilize something that had always been a part of our board, the carbon fiber deck. When there is air rushing over the belly it pulls the heat away from the circuit, keeping it at optimum working temperatures at whatever speed. 

Don’t Forget the Battery!!

Battery management is the little thought of heart of any electric skateboard. We have taken the parts that worked great on the Marbel Original and beefed them up to give an incredible level of battery protection and safety. Now tracking pack aging, self discharge, and impedance on top of short circuits, over current, under voltage, over voltage, charging rate, temperature, integrated cell balancing, and individual group cell voltages. By utilizing all of these elements the battery indicator will always be accurate. The battery will even continue to be accurate over long periods of time where the battery will naturally drain. If you don’t ride your board for a while, like many people in the winter, you don’t need to worry about the battery voltage dropping too low because we have added in an ultra low power state giving us an unprecedented standby time of up to 8 months.

We may have gone a little overboard with the fuses, but screw it. By adding a master fuse along with separate fuses on the cell groupings it will protect the battery from anything that could happen. While also drastically lowering the cost of any repairs if the battery is out of the warranty time frame.

Tried and True Remote

Feedback from the Marbel Original’s remote was largely positive that is why with the Marbel 2.0’s remote we kept it largely the same, but with a few tweaks. Adding four indicator LEDs and a beeper, while keeping the vibration means you will be thoroughly aware of anything happening between your app, remote and board. Many of the same elements in the battery management system were used in the remote to give you the most accurate battery readings possible. Using the same Bluetooth chip as the main electronic circuit is a simple way to drastically increase the Bluetooth capabilities of your Marbel Original as well as the 2.0. The addition of an accelerometer means the remote has never been easier to use. Just pick up it up and the remote will automatically turn on and connect to the board.

Super Efficient Lighting

LED technology is always progressing to improve efficiency and brightness. The lights on the 2.0 are incredibly efficient and consume less than 3W for power on full brightness for the entire charge cycle. The lights also have no effect on the top speed or acceleration. There is no need to be stingy with the light that is 1.36% of the battery life or 1,124 ft less range (in Eco), having the lights on full.