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Efficiency at it’s best. – Re-introducing the Marbel Single Drive System

The Marbel Single drive system is the most efficient we have ever built. The redesign has been completely data driven from hundreds of thousands of riding miles and crucial customer feedback from our most active riders. The new Single Drive features a single massive motor in our ultra-efficient belt driven drivetrain. It is so efficient it can take you up to 18 miles on a single charge, but also has more than enough power to hit 26 mph. All of this and it still has the ability to have your Marbel Board weight only 10 lb*.

Keep It Simple.

A single drive system has many advantages over a two wheel drive system, first and foremost is simplicity. The Marbel Single Drive has hundreds of fewer parts than dual motor systems leading to a more durable and reliable design, all while saving pounds of weight. Why carry around extra stuff if you don’t need to? The Marbel Single Drive cuts through the waste and gets right to the point of what you really want; a reliable, efficient, and fun form of transportation.

Want more fun? Need more speed? Don’t worry, all of the performance and efficiency can be completely tuned and tweaked to your personal liking. We understand some people want great acceleration but also maximum range per charge, or maybe you want softer or stronger brakes. That is why, with the MyMarbel iOS App you can tune acceleration, braking, top speed and more. (Android coming soon)

Two Brains Even For One Motor.

To maximize efficiency and reliability, we chose to utilize two processors, instead of just one. After all, there is a lot going on inside of an electric skateboard. We choose an powerful Texas Instruments processor that controls the motor, position sensors and multiple algorithms to optimize the efficiency and performance of the drive motor. All while a separate processor handles communication with the battery management system, the bluetooth remote, accelerometer, flash memory, temperature, headlights/taillights, and all of the other integrated sensors. Communication between these two processors happen thousands of times each second, resulting in board that is highly efficient and incredibly reliable. That means never getting a board reset again.

What Else…

Q: How steep of incline can the Single Drive climb?
A: Hills up to 25% incline have been successfully test ridden with an 185 lb. rider on a fully charged battery.

Q: Does the Single Drive go in reverse?
A: Yep, but right now reverse is limited to only 10mph.

Q: Does the Single Drive system qualify for the FREE Belts for Life program?
A: You bet your sweet ass it does.

Q: When does the MyMarbel iOS App come out?
A: It is available now privately to current Marbel owners, shoot us an email and we willcan send you the link.

Q: Really how large are your motors?
A: Our motors are 63mm in diameter and 55mm in length. They weigh approximately 550g and have been closed off to protect them from the elements. You will not find a larger motor on any production electric skateboard.

Still have questions, reach out and ask us! Our new customer support staff is ready and waiting.

*The Marbel Single weighs 9.7 lb. with the 99Wh Marbel PowerPack. The flight certified 99Wh PowerPack will not be available until late 2017.