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Smart, Swappable Battery Pack.

Whether you’re out riding the hills, on a store run, or commuting to work, the Marbel PowerPack gives you the possibility to go even faster and farther than ever before. Years in the making, we’ve created a portable battery pack built around safety and durability. Simple yet powerful, it’s the Heart of the Marbel Board


Swap, Skate, Smile.

When we rolled out the first Marbel Board three years ago we wanted the deck to be a rolling platform allowing for batteries and electronics to be swapped and upgraded as technology continually improves**.

The Marbel PowerPack is compact enough to fit into a standard backpack or messenger bag, and only weighs 2.7 lb (1.2 kg). This is enough power to scale a 30% incline, and reach 26 MPH (41.8 kmh), all while retaining a max range of 18 mi (28.9 km)***. With a single hidden security bolt, you can change the PowerPack inside your board in under 30 seconds. So whether you just need a fresh pack to go farther, or upgrading your board to the latest battery technology available, the Marbel PowerPack helps to keep you riding for years to come.


Smart is just the beginning.

The Marbel PowerPack is custom built using proven micro controllers from Texas Instruments, 17 integrated sensors, Q100 certified flash memory, additional authentication and security, a USB port, and an IP67 rated battery connector.

The PowerPack offers a fully integrated running history log that saves over 50 data points each second. Data points are things like battery charge, what electronics circuit the pack is paired to, internal battery temperatures, individual cell voltages, etc. This means inaccurate battery charge and unpredictable low voltage cutoffs are a thing of the past. History logs can be stored privately in the MyMarbel App for personal use, or if you choose to, share with Marbel technicians allowing for real time diagnostics and even monitoring for possible future faults.

By communicating so much information directly with the board, the PowerPack knows when it’s installed in a deck, and more importantly, when it is outside of the deck. Enjoy access to the energy stored in your PowerPack even while it’s removed. Use the integrated USB port to charge your phone, check battery level with the eight bright white LED indicators, or even charge the pack by itself with our fast 90 minute charger.


Safe in all situations.

Safety and durability is always the number one priority when choosing components for the Marbel board. While prototyping the Marbel Original over three years ago, we learned that knock off battery cells can be dangerous. This lead us to only use genuine Samsung 18650 cells to make our battery packs. The PowerPack casing is made of UL-94 rated flame retardant plastic, and the individual cell groups are air gapped for increased safety and improved thermal properties.

The components chosen to make up our battery management system are Q100 automotive rated whenever possible and they consistently monitor cell balance, cell voltage, over voltage, under voltage, over current, discharge power, long term battery health, temperature in 4 different locations, while even monitoring for extended periods of time when your pack or board might sit unused (Winter)*.

On the top of the PowerPack is a 5mm thick rubber door, providing access to the charging and USB port, while also functioning as the main power/status button. Learning from our original design, that pestering rubber door popping out of the nose is no more. While closed, the new door acts as a double gasket seal to protect the ports from the water, dust, and other debris exposure that naturally occurs when riding. Due to a few recent modifications, we are still waiting on our IP65 certification for the door but are hopeful to have it in the coming weeks. For a good brief overview of different IP certifications, check out this source here.

Under extreme braking and very long hills the amount of energy trying to go back into your battery pack can be quite large, too large to safely handle. E-board concerns about downhill braking on a fully charged pack can be put to rest. Now, in situations like this, the excess energy is directed to the brake chopper (a large resistor) that dissipates the energy as heat. This protects the battery and provides you with strong braking in every situation and in complete control at all times.


Learn more about Swappable Batteries



*99Wh Flight Certified version of the pack will be released in Q3 of 2017.

**The Marbel 2.0T can climb over a 30% incline and take you up to 16 miles on a full charge, the Marbel 2.0 can climb up to 25% incline and take you up to 18 miles on a full charge.

***During long periods of the pack not being used, it is important to store the pack fully charged.