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Earlier this week we introduced new multiple battery options along with updated user-serviceable design improvements available on the Marbel 2.0. Today we will take some time to explore these new options, and take a look into how you can design and update your Marbel Board making it ideal for your needs, no matter what they might be.

The amazing feedback we get from our riders in invaluable. It allows us to see possible issues and riding styles, which means faster solutions and more tailored improvements for you, the customer. The Marbel 2.0 is now one of the easiest boards for users to adapt, swap, and upgrade. With ZERO soldering and 2 hex wrenches, you can replace nearly every single component on the Marbel 2.0.This includes motors, wheels, electronics, battery pack swaps, headlights, taillights, and even down to the number of motors.

Marbel 99Wh 260Wh PowerPack front and back

Different needs. Different PowerPacks.
We are all unique in our riding needs, here at Marbel we thoroughly believe your board should reflect those needs. Whether it’s range anxiety, cost, or travel needs – options are important.

With over two years of development, we have comprised the best combination of performance, reliability, weight, and cost. The Marbel PowerPack is now offered in two sizes; a long-range 260Wh battery and a flight-certified, 99Wh battery. These battery options extend the possibilities of what you can do with your 2.0, and with our upgradeable design, it lends itself to improvements for years to come. Both PowerPack options can be swapped out in less than 30 seconds and each includes a self-contained battery management system, onboard Bluetooth connection, all while maintaining an IP65 certified against dust and water.

Lights or no light? You can always add ’em on later.

For those who ride at night, headlights and taillights are an invaluable tool that improves visibility and helps see the road in front, making it an all-around safer experience. Those who don’t ride at night this was an unnecessary accessory. Others preached about missing the “bounce” of the bumpers from the Marbel Original. So we listened and now offer both as options on the 2.0.

The base model of the 2.0 comes standard with rubberized bumpers and come at a lower cost. Upgrading to the 200+ Lumen light system make sure you can safely ride in low light situations and your board maintains legal status (some states have pending legislation requiring electric skateboards to have lights – following in the footsteps of electric bicycles).


Choose Your Drive System
Your customization options don’t end at lights and batteries, but also extends to the Marbel drive system. With positive feedback from beta users and countless hours of direct testing, we are excited to announce the option of updating and modify your drive system to fit your needs. When you order your 2.0 you will select between a Single Drive (2.0) or a Twin Drive (2.0T), with the possibility of upgrade/downgrade at any time in the future. This design also allows for ultra-fast maintenance and warranty repairs. Hold onto your board, and we will send you the parts you need to repair your board.

Pricing Details for Orders Placed After April 2nd


Model: 99Wh PowerPack 260Wh PowerPack
2.0 $1299 $1499
2.0T $1599 $1799
Lights (+$99) (+$99)