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When the Original Marbel electric skateboard debuted two years ago, it was the world’s lightest, fastest, and the first with a fully integrated and enclosed deck design. Fast forward to today and the Original still more than holds it’s own in every metric.

Today, we are raising the bar and are incredibly excited to introduce the new Marbel 2.0, the smartest electric skateboard you’ll ever ride. We started with our iconic deck design and reinvented it from the inside out. The result is an ultra-rugged board re-engineered for ultimate portability, increased range, faster top speed and guaranteed to put a giant smile on your face…  Let’s take a look at the all new Marbel 2.0

Fully Functional Headlights and Taillights.

With 360 degree lighting you will not only be seen by pedestrians or traffic, you’ll see the road ahead even on the darkest nights. Your Marbel 2.0 features 120 lumens of white light integrated into the nose and 90 lumens of red lead in the tail. How much of an effect does that have on battery life? Almost none. We used only ultra high efficiency LEDs … So you still get up to 18 miles of range to ride, play, and go wherever you want, anywhere you want.


A deck even better than before.

The Marbel 2.0 deck reaches a new level of innovation and design. The completely enclosed design is protected like never before against dust, splashes, and even rain. The innovative new production process, means you get your Marbel 2.0 boards sooner and with several improvements. The entire deck reengineered, is now stronger than ever allowing even the largest of riders to enjoy, and actually it became even lighter in weight. New composite materials drastically increase vibration dampening while still giving a stiff, in control, feeling. It has been meticulously refined for greater comfort and ride responsiveness.


Ruggedized electronics built like a tank.

The internal electronics of the Marbel 2.0 have been totally redesigned with a focus on creating the most reliable electric skateboard ever. Still made in the USA, our custom electronics are built on top of powerful ARM processors and automotive industry tested components. Connections with your handheld remote has never been stronger with the “World’s Most Powerful BLE Chip” from Silicon Labs. The BLE121LR has a proven track record and best-in-class performance that can hold a strong connectivity even in the most signal dense cities.

The impressive range of the Marbel Original has been topped by increasing the Marbel 2.0 battery capacity 14% to get you a maximum range of 18 miles per charge while still utilizing genuine Samsung cells and a time tested Texas Instruments battery management and protection system.


Mode : Starter ECO Mode Sport Mode Full Custom
Range : 18 miles 18 miles 11-12 miles Depends on your settings
Top Speed : 8 MPH 18 MPH 26 MPH 8-26 MPH
Acceleration : 15% Smart 100% 10%-100%


Three Sizes. Six Colors.

With Marbel 2.0 we’re introducing wheels for every type of rider.We all have different preferences when it comes to wheels. Square Edge, Beveled Edge, Round edge, contact patch, durometer, diameter – the list can go on. After testing countless wheel options we have narrowed it down to a selected group of six.

We will be consistently adding new wheels each and every year, and we are going to rely on you to help us make these picks.


A drive system engineered for efficiency and reliability.

An incredibly durable 63mm motor provides unparallelled climbing ability, up to a 25% grade hill even on a single drive system. A protected design keeps debris out of the motor. If something were to happen however, there is no soldering involved. An IP67 water proof power connecter ensures the motor is easily replaceable. With only four bolts and plug, motors can be changed in mere minutes. This means faster warranty repairs plus cheaper and faster post warranty solutions.

FREE Belts for Life packge

FREE Belts For Life.

Simply put; we don’t believe you should have to pay for belts. So, for as long as you own your Marbel 2.0 you will never have to. Each board comes pre-shipped with one spare replacement belt per motor. When your current belt wears out, easily switch it out with your existing replacement. We will then send you a new one in the mail.

Light the night