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The Marbel Twin drive system is the most powerful we have ever built. Featuring two massive motors and our ultra-efficient belt-driven drivetrain, it has more torque available to you than any other electric skateboard on the market. This means you get the fastest acceleration, the strongest brakes, and the ability to go up any hill, while still being under 13 lb.*

Premium Performance
The Twin is built to give you the very best in electric longboard performance. Insane acceleration, brakes that stop on a dime, and durability that is designed and warrantied to last years.

Too much for you? Don’t worry, all of this performance can be completely tuned and tweaked to your personal liking. We understand some people love phenomenal acceleration but would prefer softer brakes, or maybe you really don’t need/want to go 26mph. That is why, with the MyMarbel iOS App you can tune acceleration, braking, top speed and more.

Two Brains Are Better Than One.
To harness all of this performance, we couldn’t just copy-and-paste new motor driver electronics into the board. The system had to be designed to know exactly what is happening with each motor at the exact same moment in time. So we choose an incredibly powerful Texas Instruments processor that controls both motors, combining sensors and multiple algorithms to distribute a marvelous amount of power dynamically between each motor. Meanwhile, a separate processor handles communication with the battery management system, bluetooth, accelerometer, flash memory, temperature, headlights/taillights, and all of the other integrated sensors. These two processors communicate with each other thousands of times every second, and combine for a completely data driven design that is durable, reliable, and surprisingly efficient.

What Else…
Q: How much weight does the Twin Drive add?
A: About 2 lb. overall. The Marbel Twin ( 2.0T ) weighs 12.8 lb. complete with swappable battery.

Q: How steep of incline can the Twin Drive climb?
A: Hills over 30% incline have been successfully test ridden with an 185 lb. rider on a fully charged battery.

Q: Does the Twin Drive go in reverse?
A: Yep, but right now reverse is limited to only 10mph.

Q: Does the Twin Drive system qualify for the FREE Belts for Life program?
A: Absolutely, all Marbel boards now come with free belts for life.

Q: When does the MyMarbel iOS App come out?
A: It is available now privately to current Marbel owners, shoot us an email and we will send you the link where it can be downloaded.

Q: How large are your motors?
A: Our motors are 63mm in diameter and 55mm in length. They weigh approximately 550g and have been closed off to protect them from the elements. You will not find a larger motor on any production electric skateboard.

Still have questions, please reach out and ask us? Our new customer support staff is ready and waiting.

*The Marbel Twin can climb hills over 30% incline with a 185 lb. rider with a fully charged battery.