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What is it? Why are we doing it? How does it work?

Let’s start from the top and dive on in.

As you know, the Marbel board is a belt drive system which means it uses a high-performance nylon based belt to transfer energy from the external motor and pulley to the drive wheel(s). We can go on and on about why a belt drive system is currently superior to its hub counterpart, but we will save that for a separate post.

Similar to the timing belts you find in your car, the Marbel belts are exposed to wear and will naturally diminish with use. How quickly? It will depend on several factors such as ride style, weight, terrain, etc. so it’s hard to give a specific range, however, as a good estimate you can expect to get between 350-600 miles out of a belt. That’s like riding from New York City to Washington D.C. and back.

Every Marbel 2.0 board comes with free belts for the lifetime of the board for the original owner. Included in the shipping box will be a spare belt per motor so when it’s time to replace a belt you already have a replacement ready. You then just let us know you wore out a belt and we package up and ship you out a new replacement. This way you always have a belt on hand. No downtime. Just riding.

Why are we doing this?
For one, it’s safer. Slipping belts can reduce braking power. Speed is a common touchpoint when discussing what a quality electric skateboard should be. And while we agree that it’s the most fun aspect, it’s the braking that really sets a good electric board apart. A board is only as good as its ability to bring you to a stop.

Two, it’s the right thing to do. We think $25 for a belt kit is a little outrageous, so, you will never see that from us. From now on, worry less about maintenance and just enjoy the ride.